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Xinotes - notes for geeks

Xinotes is notes by geeks, and for geeks. At, you can save and share technical tips, code snippets, utilities, howtos, or simply something that serves as a reminder or cheat sheet.

Today[HTML_REMOVED]s programmers or IT professionals usually have problems at hand that needed solutions yesterday. They solved similar problems before and jotted down some notes somewhere, but that[HTML_REMOVED]s just not nearby at this moment. We created because we realized that most programmers or IT professionals don[HTML_REMOVED]t have the time to read the fine manual. Nor do they care at times. Of course, there are numerous occasions when the bugs, pitfalls, or idiocracies simply aren[HTML_REMOVED]t documented by your fine manual. Most of the time people turn to google to find answers. Xinotes is here to store the fruits of your googling.