WhisperGifts - Bridal Registries Made Simple

WhisperGifts makes it it ultra-easy to set up a gift registry for your wedding.

Using basic online tools, you can easily resolve one more issue surrounding your wedding - distributing a gift registry to your guests.

WhisperGifts was built using Django by Ross Poulton of Moonsheep.

Technical features:

  • Registries are shown to guests using customised subdomains for each couple.
  • PayPal integration for payment processing
  • Fully self-sufficient for users - no input from us is required for couples to get great returns from the software
  • Privately beta tested (for my own wedding!), then a public beta.

Tags:weddings, Registry, gifts, bridal, Business

Visit this website at https://www.whispergifts.com/

Created by ross on 3rd Jan 2008