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screenshot of Sogeti USA LLC, IT Consulting & Technology Solutions

Sogeti USA LLC, IT Consulting & Technology Solutions

From Wikipedia:

[HTML_REMOVED] Sogeti is a wholly owned subsidiary of Capgemini. It is an international information technology consultancy specializing in local professional services. Sogeti employs 20,000 people in 14 countries.
[HTML_REMOVED] The name Sogeti has its origins in France and is the name of origin for the entire Capgemini Group, founded by Serge Kampf in 1967. The name was an acronym for [HTML_REMOVED]Société pour la gestion et le traitement de l[HTML_REMOVED]information[HTML_REMOVED] which, roughly translated, means [HTML_REMOVED]Management and Processing of Information Company[HTML_REMOVED]. Through the years many names have been used, for instance Cap Gemini Sogeti, Cap Programator, Cap Gemini and Cap Gemini Ernst [HTML_REMOVED] Young. In 2002, the Cap Gemini Group founded a subsidiary called Sogeti in six countries to focus on the growing local IT market. Today the Sogeti Group employs 20,000 people in 14 countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, India, Ireland, Luxemburg, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, UK and the U.S. The IT consultancy is a full-range provider of IT and mangagement services with focus on Application Services, Software Control Testing, Infrastructure Services and High Tech Consulting.
[HTML_REMOVED] Sogeti has reached the highest level of partnership with giants Microsoft and IBM on a global level.