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When you search for the roots of the Mediterranean Portuguese culture, you’ll find the lifestyle of relaxed socialization of the truthful and uncompromised Portuguese people. That thought takes you to the foundation of Portuguese [HTML_REMOVED]tascos[HTML_REMOVED], also known as [HTML_REMOVED]tasquinhas[HTML_REMOVED] or [HTML_REMOVED]tascas[HTML_REMOVED]. Tascos are places where the humble Portuguese gathers at a table with his friends, sharing a nice conversation while enjoying a delicious treat, tasting the very good \[HTML_REMOVED]house wine\[HTML_REMOVED], made from the grapes of the vineyards in the back of the house or from friends of the owner, usually. It’s a place where flavors and scents merge together and provide a feast in a traditional Portuguese way. There you can do many things such as business business, leisure or even of the discovery of life in a certain way. It’s the safe haven for people that want to forget the frenzy of modern times.