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screenshot of PiCloud


PiCloud is a cloud-computing platform that integrates into the Python Programming Language. It enables you to leverage the computing power of Amazon Web Services without having to manage, maintain, or configure virtual servers.

PiCloud integrates seamlessly into your existing code base through a custom Python library, cloud. To offload the execution of a function to our servers, all you must do is pass your desired function into the cloud library. PiCloud will run the function on its high-performance cluster. As you run more functions, our cluster auto-scales to meet your computational needs. Getting on the cloud has never been this easy!

PiCloud improves the full cycle of software development and deployment. Every function run on PiCloud has its resource usage monitored, performance analyzed, and errors traced. This data is further aggregated across all your functions to give you a bird[HTML_REMOVED]s eye view of your service. PiCloud enables you to develop faster, easier and smarter.