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Paper Upgrade Project - Overview

Although our website ( runs Drupal, we have created a DIY EBook Scanner application using the multi-threaded Django Development Server, intended for home or industrial use and even in places without an internet connection (or a reliable one). Our nonprofit organization[HTML_REMOVED]s mission is to help Portland, OR students accelerate their learning, but the software is equally useful in locations affected by natural disasters such as Haiti who need to conserve paper documents.

Here is the announcement:[HTML_REMOVED]t=2494

After about one month of pouring through The Dummies Guide to Python, Python Essentials, and the Definitive Guide to Django, I created a first attempt at streamlining the photos-to-ebook [HTML_REMOVED]workflow,[HTML_REMOVED] which Daniel Reetz and I discussed during his trip here on January 28th. The idea is to create a framework capable of [HTML_REMOVED]plugging in[HTML_REMOVED] (more or less) the various other open source projects to allow the average user to use free, open-source software to easily create his own e-books. I am using the familiar step-by-step [HTML_REMOVED]wizard[HTML_REMOVED] approach.