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My Email Draft

We help manage the draft portion of your fantasy league. This works for Football, Baseball, Movie, American Idol, Broomball or any type of league.

You want to draft a fantasy team with 6 of your friends. First you figure out what the draft order is. This alone can take a lot of coin flipping. Once that is done, you contact all the team owners letting them know that the league has started and what the draft order is.

Traditionally, this has been handled via emails going back and forth between all the team owners. This method produces an email storm for all league members, encouraging people to ignore the emails. People forget when they are up and it becomes a real chore to keep the draft moving forward. Additionally, the email itself starts to become sloppy as reply-all after reply-all keeps changing the format of the email. And then there are those that forgot to reply-all!

Solution: simplifies everything for you. Smiply enter the email address of the team owners just like you would in your email program. Once everyone is verified, you can set the draft order, or let the system set it randomly. Enter the number of rounds and round ordering. That[HTML_REMOVED]s it!

Now you let do its thing. Everyone will be notified that the draft started. Only the teams drafting and the one on-deck are automatically notified. Other league members can send reminders if someone is taking too long to make a pick. The draft owner can still make picks manually for anyone, if required.

Meanwhile, your league home page cleanly shows you all the picks, has a log of everything that[HTML_REMOVED]s gone on in the league and even provides a comments area for trash talking.