Mindsmeet is a London based startup, connecting UK startups to real-time, on-demand expert conversations for the experience based knowledge and insights needed to move their businesses forward and compete with the Valley.

Mindsmeet offers a conversation-based toolkit for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses in the UK who value learning from the experiences of others. Mindsmeet connects those with time-sensitive knowledge needs to relevant experts and mentors who provide bespoke expertise over real-time voice conversations.

Mindsmeet's mission is to fill the knowledge gaps which limit the potential of UK startups, through providing on-demand access to the bespoke insights, expertise or mentorship they need to compete globally.

Language: English
Tags:conversation, expert, entrepreneurs, advice, Video, insights, knowledge, real-time, startup, on-demand

Visit this website at https://www.mindsmeet.com/

Created by csekwalor on 13th Jun 2013