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Ice Or Fire

Ice or Fire is your weekly source for what[HTML_REMOVED]s new in movies, books, and music. Every week we search the web with our thermometer for the newest releases and then let you know if they[HTML_REMOVED]re Ice or Fire.

We rate movie, book, and music releases as Ice cold or Fire hot. An Ice rated release isn[HTML_REMOVED]t the best the entertainment world has to offer. Does that mean that an entertainment connoisseur like yourself should skip it? That[HTML_REMOVED]s up to you. Everyone has their guilty pleasures so if you have a soft spot for a bad romantic comedy, we won[HTML_REMOVED]t judge.

Fire rated releases are the cream of the crop, the cat[HTML_REMOVED]s meow... Simply put, these are excellent so check them out as soon as you can! Don[HTML_REMOVED]t forget your oven mitts ;)