Houston Technology Center

Houston Technology Center - [HTML_REMOVED]HoustonTech.org[HTML_REMOVED] was developed on [HTML_REMOVED]Tendenci 5[HTML_REMOVED] by [HTML_REMOVED]Schipul - The Web Marketing Company[HTML_REMOVED].

Site features include:
[HTML_REMOVED]Dynamic feed on homepage of News, Events, Photos, and Blog posts[HTML_REMOVED]
[HTML_REMOVED]Rotating sponsor logos editable by front end interface[HTML_REMOVED]
[HTML_REMOVED][HTML_REMOVED]Events Calendar[HTML_REMOVED] with registration that allows for multiple levels of registration and payment options[HTML_REMOVED]
[HTML_REMOVED]Tendenci 5 Content management System that allows the HTC Team to upload News, Press Releases, Events, Photos, etc. through the CMS interface[HTML_REMOVED]

For more Schipul work, check out [HTML_REMOVED]Schipul.com[HTML_REMOVED]

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Visit this website at http://www.houstontech.org/

Created by schipul on 14th Jun 2011