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screenshot of Euro Media France

Euro Media France

Euro Media Group is Europe’s leading provider of TV [HTML_REMOVED] Film facilities and services.
Euro Media Group put Emencia in charge of the creation of its new website, dedicated to one of its several branches: Euro Media France

This project, carried out with Django CMS, includes content pages in two languages (English and French), as well as several catalogs allowing to check out all the infrastructures offered by the company, that is to say their OBtrucks, studios and stages.
Two comparators were implemented on the catalogs to compare the trucks and stages. The user can therefore easily compare up to 3 elements thanks to a general view displaying all the features of each of them.

The website also includes a news engine called Zinnia.
Zinnia[HTML_REMOVED]s main functionalities are the following:
- to sort the articles out by categories,
- to allocate one or several tags for each article
- to customize the creation, publication and removal dates of each entry