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Email Service Guide

Email Service Guide (ESG) is a refreshing alternative to all pay-for-the-top-spot email hosting top-lists. The objective of ESG is simple: based on set of criteria, it will find the best email service provider.

There is no all-around-best email provider
Instead of trying to find the best all-around email provider, ESG will find the best email hosting service based on the users’ needs. Unlike any other tool available, ESG can answer questions such as:
- Who is the cheapest provider that supports IMAP and offers 8GB storage per user?
- What providers offers Microsoft Exchange hosting with 99.999% or more Service License Agreement (SLA)?
- Where can I find email hosting powered by renewable energy?

Transparent side-by-side comparison
Once ESG has found the best matches based on the given criterions, it provides a transparent side-by-side comparison with data formatted in a uniform fashion.

More than different 100 email plans
From the getgo, ESG features more than 100 different email plans from all of the leading email providers on the market.