Dubizzle (pronounced doo-biz-zull) stems from an ancient Greek word, dubizelius, meaning: really-awesome-and-easy-to-use-community-portal-for-the-UAE-that-will-be-displayed-and-accessed-through-a-futuristic-device-called-a- computer-that-won't-be-invented-for-another-2-3-thousand-years (rough translation).

Of course the word is a rather bleak and oversimplified definition of the website dubizzle.com, but we decided that due to the strange and fortunate coincidence that dubizzle kind of sounds a bit like the phrase do-business, we'd give it a try. Yet perhaps the most interesting and baffling aspect of this ancient Greek word is that Sim and J.C. made it up.

Tags:classifields, hightraffic, scalablility, django, ads

Visit this website at http://www.dubizzle.com/

Created by remco on 11th Jun 2011