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screenshot of Lean Chinese(Mandarin) Live 24/7

Lean Chinese(Mandarin) Live 24/7

ChineseHour is one of the world’s most innovative solutions to Chinese(Mandarin) language. We offer an effective and enjoyable learning experience. You can get:

  • Easy access to the Conversation Class Live 24/7;
  • 100% native teachers of Chinese for interactive learning;
  • Over 200 hours Self-Paced courses with immediate online support;
  • Personalized learning guidance with progress report;
  • Free use of resources library updated at regular intervals;
  • And more…

Our Chinesehour Developing Team is a creative group to provide a interactive Chinese(Mandrin) Language learning circumstance to our customers. Almost functions we used are based on django framework and flash[HTML_REMOVED]flex system, some used php such as blog and live-chat systems.At the first stage of our design and developing we used plone/zope last year, and we upgraded most parts of our site to django in 3-4 months with 3-4 back-end developers and 5-6 front-end designers[HTML_REMOVED]developers to achieve the second edition. Now We used django to provide a total online-Learning and e-commerce solutions. Thanks for the outstanding web framework(django) and many useful plugins, we built our user registration system, Conversation Class Live system(24/7 liveclass for interactive oral learning), Self-Paced multi-level language course system( 4levels, 70 lessons, over 200hour Learning times) and e-commerce system( processing subscription payment with Internet payment gateway and paypal). We will migrate our resource library system to django soon and develop more new functions on it.
Any comments and advices are welcome.Please contact me at [wanglong at]