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Using the Django development framework, went from idea to a live commercial site in one month. The idea was to provide expert but affordable research on any topic with customer chosen turnaround time and effort. The site needed several layers of user roles, messaging between accounts, a financial module that allowed repeat transactions but didn[HTML_REMOVED]t keep any local financial information and an administrative interface that allowed non-programmers to have control over the accounts and business aspects.

Clearwind Consulting[HTML_REMOVED]s Senior developer, Andy McKay, chose Django to capitalize on the framework’s scalability, modular development and clean administration. Django[HTML_REMOVED]s default administrative interface was intuitive enough for the client to use and gave a large amount of control. Django and Beanstream integrated to meet the client[HTML_REMOVED]s needs. And since this was a version 1.0 release, Django was easy to adapt as the client changed directions with specifications.

The site is now live and doing well. Clearwind Consulting, Ltd. is at