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screenshot of Casas Particulares in Cuba

Casas Particulares in Cuba

Information: We provide succinct and up to date information on all there is to see and do in Cuba.[HTML_REMOVED]br[HTML_REMOVED]
Bookings: We have a free booking service for some of the best Casas Particulares in Cuba with a guaranteed 12 hour confirmation. Realtime booking is not available yet.[HTML_REMOVED]br[HTML_REMOVED]
Personal touch: We live and work in Cuba, we know and visit the Casas Particulares, confirm your bookings personally and have good local knowledge.[HTML_REMOVED]br[HTML_REMOVED]
Customer reviews: Our wish is that all customers will review our products and upload their photos.[HTML_REMOVED]br[HTML_REMOVED]
Destinations: We conect you with the principals destinations in Cuba. Habana, ViƱales, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and more...