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screenshot of B-Speak


B-Speak helps you remember Hanzi (Chinese characters). B-Speak automatically builds the list of words you need and tells you when to practice.

Focus on your Chinese

Take your mind off studying
B-Speak uses powerful learning techniques to review words before you forget them. B-Speak acts as a sparring partner and takes care of what you should practice on, and when.

Custom made program
B-Speak doesn[HTML_REMOVED]t use any preset vocabulary list, but builds one just for you instead. This list focuses on what you will need in the real world.

Save your time
Ever spent a Chinese lesson just asking for words? B-Speak puts your memory on steroids so you can take full advantage of your costly classes.

Add all words from a text in just one click.
B-Speak only needs a browser to run. Practice from your computer, or from your phone while commuting.