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Astun Technology

Founded in 2005 Astun Technology is a growing web technology company/IT consultancy calling on over 17 years experience in GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

Our first product, iShareMaps, was built in response to e-Government directives handed down to Local Authorities to provide citizens with better services. A simple web mapping portal iShareMaps provided a means for the public to go to a council website to find and view local services on maps.

Since that time we have grown, sharpened our skills and now have a full time team of six and various part time staff specialising in key areas such as marketing, graphic design and business mentoring. iShareMaps has transformed from a web mapping portal to a full data integration and publishing platform and is used by over 30 Local Authorities and one Police Force. The platform has won awards, continues to serve the e-Government agenda, includes Open Source components and is now spawning a number of useful applications too.

Based in Epsom, Surrey, Astun is growing and profitable. It has carved itself a niche by providing software solutions that improve efficiency, enhance service delivery and provide great value for money.