Official Andalusia tourism website

Is the official tourism website for Andalusia regional goverment located in the south of Spain.

It's a really huge site with tons of features:

  • GIS with a tight integration with Google maps (beaches in Cádiz, accommodations in Seville, street view for tourist resources, etc).
  • Multilanguage (Six languages implemented).
  • A lot of multimedia capabilities: photogalleries, videos, 3d images, etc.
  • Smart and embeddable search tools.
  • A lot of more things:
    • Travel notebooks (
    • Destinations (
    • Newsletters (
    • Golf, Accommodations, Sports, etc. (try navigational menus).
  • And for the admin (not visible):
    • Inline translations (using inlinetrans app).
    • Related model admins for an object.
    • Improved rosetta.
    • Model translation (using transmeta app).

Language: Spanish
Tags:gallery, yaco, Travel, spanish, tourism, GIS, andalusia

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Created by msaelices on 12th Apr 2010