AgileWRAP provides integrated management of requirements, iterations, releases, projects, tasks and defects in a SaaS based secured (SSL) environment.

AgileWRAP helps organizations optimize the development process by maximizing team utilization, incorporating continuous feedback from customers, providing real-time visibility, and facilitating effective collaboration across the centralized and distributed teams.
AgileWRAP provides in-depth visibility into the entire development process with simple, fast, easy-to-use interface!

• Prioritize requirements in a centralized backlog.
• Plan iterations and releases with drag and drop.
• Break requirements - user stories into smaller stories and tasks.
• Track using Taskboard, Dashboards, My ToDo, charts and more.
• Share documents and track discussions

AgileWRAP is intuitive, user-friendly, flexible and supports a variety of Agile/Lean methodologies including Scrum, XP - easily adapting to your own current processes in order to enhance your current operations.

Experience rich user interface with powerful search, sorting, filtering, in-line editing, grouping, and drag and drop features.

WRAP is fast, scalable, secure and available at a fraction of the cost of competing agile project management software solutions.
• First 5 users are FREE.
• $15/month/user - no long terms commitments, or $12/month/user with 1 year sign up.

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Created by agilewrap on 17th Dec 2010