wrttn is a simple and powerful notepad with many useful features

[HTML_REMOVED][HTML_REMOVED]Wrttn[HTML_REMOVED][HTML_REMOVED] — is a [HTML_REMOVED]simple notepad with a large number of features[HTML_REMOVED]. Make your note, save it and share it with friends. Very easy and fast, isn’t it?

Such simplicity very well combines with a great number of features. You can design your page completely to your own taste. Press options, create your css styles and select the desired marking type: Textile, Markdown, HTML5 or plain text.

Created pages contain only what you have typed. There are no irrelevant elements. Only text and media content. And this is just a small part of what you can d

Tags:app, notepad

Visit this website at http://wrttn.me/

Created by wrttn on 7th Aug 2010