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screenshot of Milkyway Tribe (closed)

Milkyway Tribe (closed)

MilkyWay Tribe is the social network of action sports.

Action sports are often niche sports and they are defined as those sports that are lived by practitioners not only like a simple hobby, but like a real lifestyle.

The Tribe is conceived and built from riders for riders to solve daily problems and discomforts everyone of us faces practicing his sports.

MilkyWay Tribe satisfies the very needs of action sports practitioners. It is to say, to get information about action-sports-friendly: People, Spots, Events, Commercial activities (shop, rentals, hotels, restaurants, bars, ...)

Every one of these entities can be independently associated to one or more [HTML_REMOVED]Sports[HTML_REMOVED] as well as to other filtering levels such as, for example: shop type, spot type,spot category, ...