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screenshot of Thelma & Louise

Thelma & Louise

The Client

Thelma [HTML_REMOVED] Louise - a travel club designed and run for women to help their members enrich and enable their lives through travel. Thelma [HTML_REMOVED] Louise members come in different ages, interests, abilities and energies but what unites them is their belief that travel makes us better and happier people.

The Brief

Thelma [HTML_REMOVED] Louise asked Compound Partners to rebuild and improve their website.

The Process

We worked closely with Thelma [HTML_REMOVED] Louise to understand their audience and the processes that were working. After a thorough scoping exercise, we added our experience to the project and proposed some system improvements that were taken on by the T[HTML_REMOVED]L team.

The Result

A great new responsive web system that matches travellers with travel buddies and trips. The community features on this site have made it a hit with the members and from the day of launch there has been great feedback and fantastic tracked results.