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screenshot of SolutionCode - Python/Django team

SolutionCode - Python/Django team

SolutionCode is a software company specialized in Python and Django.

We met couple of years while working on some monitoring solution for enterprise clients. We decided to launch SolutionCode to create more flexible and agile team and do some interesting projects.

In SolutionCode we work mainly on AlertGrid - online service which provides instant notifications (email/SMS/phone calls/other) on custom events in any business connected to the Internet. We try to make following scenario:

[HTML_REMOVED]if my scheduled task failed for some reason -[HTML_REMOVED] send me SMS[HTML_REMOVED]

as easy as possible. You can also replace [HTML_REMOVED]scheduled task[HTML_REMOVED] with script, service, device, machine (integration is simple and straightforward). Also other types of notifications are available.

We also work as freelancers and we are ready for some new challenges. Thanks to our experience in web-development we can turn briliant ideas into working solutions.

This site is setup on django-cms.