Piemontespot (wifi map in Piemonte)

Piemontespot aims to offer a map of all the public wifi hotspots in Piemonte, Italy.

It leverages publicly available data about the locations of the hotspots and data submitted by users.

The website also encourages users to have their say: propose locations for new hotspots installations, comment each hotspot to report on the quality, vote for new proposals (like or dislike).

The data submitted through the service is licensed with Open Data License v1 and the code of the website is available under the GPLv3.

Language: Italian
Tags:wifi, django-rest-framework, geo, nodeshot, map, gis, hotspot, postgis

Visit this website at https://piemontespot.nodeshot.org/

Source code is available for this site at https://github.com/ninuxorg/nodeshot

Created by nemesisdesign on 9th Mar 2015