Libre Hosting

Agile Web Hosting for the Experienced Developer

[HTML_REMOVED]Secure, reliable, & scalable hosting with flexible plans[HTML_REMOVED]
[HTML_REMOVED]Built by developers, for developers[HTML_REMOVED]
[HTML_REMOVED]Full root access, < a href="">KVM-based virtualization[HTML_REMOVED][HTML_REMOVED]
[HTML_REMOVED]Custom Django installations with your choice of addons or pluggables[HTML_REMOVED]
[HTML_REMOVED]Three Djangos available: [HTML_REMOVED]Django 1.1, 1.02, 0.96.3 versions now available[HTML_REMOVED][HTML_REMOVED]
[HTML_REMOVED]Multiple Bay-area based in Silicon Valley with multiple tier-one connections[HTML_REMOVED]
[HTML_REMOVED]Physical servers built by eRacks Open Source Systems[HTML_REMOVED]
[HTML_REMOVED]Founded by The Libre Group, an Open Source consulting group specializing in web development and Open Source migrations[HTML_REMOVED]

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Created by jowolf on 10th Jan 2009