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Thoughts Sharing

It is django based apps, where users can login to create, read articles give comments on others articles.

Login, Logout, Reset Email
Built using Class-Based views.

--------- Functionalities ------------
Create, edit, view, delete -[HTML_REMOVED] articles [HTML_REMOVED] review
Searching functionality for articles [HTML_REMOVED] users
User profile tailored to each user, displays user[HTML_REMOVED]s profile information, articles, reviews, and favorites.
Html text rich editor to make it easier for users to create good articles
Option to add articles to user[HTML_REMOVED]s favorites
Pagination using paginator

--------------- Technologies [HTML_REMOVED] Implementations ----------------
Database: relationship between different models
Both class-based [HTML_REMOVED] function-based Views
Connecting aws bucket with heroku
Different permissions defined so a user can have access only to his data

------------ Integrations and Deployment ------------
TinyMCE editor is integrated for having Html text rich editor
AWS 3 is used for storing media files
The Project is deployed on Heroku