Exam application for Webmasters Europe e.V.

The new exam application for Webmasters Europe was basically created accidentally. The whole team agreed upon the fact that the old system sucked, but there were no resources to create a new system and noone dared to touch the old system anymore (antique PHP and the original developer wasn't available).

At that time, I started learning Django in my free time. Basically it was a hobby as I wanted to learn more about web development and frameworks. As I exclusively learn by writing real code, I took the old exam system as an example and started recreating it's features in Django.

A little time later my boss learned about what I was doing and I showed him, how far I had come. The system already was far more usable than the old one so it was quickly decided, to let me proceed with this in my official work time. With full time coding I basically completed the project quite fast, but had to pause a few months, because of other duties. After several months of doing nothing for the project I was able to restart in January 2008 and the site went online February 20. 2008, after ironing out the remaining bugs and migrating the old data.

I really have to compliment the Django team. Thanks to their clear, beautiful code and excellent documentation it was a matter of weeks, not months of free time after I was able to write code that was ready to be used in production. The site is online for more than a year now and there was almost zero maintenance necessary. Even the upgrade to Django 1.0 was a breeze.

Django got my favourite framework for a reason. It really is fun workig with it.

The site is German language only at the moment. An English version is planned, but work hasn't started yet.


Visit this website at http://exams.webmasters-europe.org/

Created by mremolt on 6th Apr 2009