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screenshot of Earthmiles - Fitness rewards

Earthmiles - Fitness rewards

Celebrate each workout and get ready for an extra zing of motivation in your life!
[HTML_REMOVED]An app to inspire a healthy life[HTML_REMOVED] - British Vogue
[HTML_REMOVED]The app all fitness fans should have.[HTML_REMOVED] - Hip [HTML_REMOVED] Healthy
[HTML_REMOVED]Rewards programme for meeting fitness goals[HTML_REMOVED] - T3 magazine

The Android app is available at

The iOS version is available at

Forget air miles! Earn earthmiles by tracking the great stuff you do every day - walk, run, cycle or do yoga.
Splurge your earthmiles on exclusive offers from health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, and sports companies. You won[HTML_REMOVED]t find these yummy rewards anywhere else. (We promise!)
You can find free goodies and save on discounts while discovering new exciting brands that want to support you in your quest to be healthy. Think of it as a little extra motivation to chuck the bus and move more!
What is an earthmile, you ask? Well, an earthmile is a unit of sheer awesomeness. You earn earthmiles when you track your healthy and fit activities. Each unit of your activity converts to earthmiles.
And how do you earn earthmiles?
Simple answer: Automatically! It[HTML_REMOVED]s incredibly easy - link your favourite tracking apps - Runkeeper, Strava, Mapmyrun, Mapmywalk, Mapmyride, Jawbone, Fitbit, Moves, Apple Health, Nike +, Garmin and many more.
Earthmiles connects with the Apple Health app that comes with all present day iPhones and hence you don[HTML_REMOVED]t even need to purchase a fitness band to start getting earthmiles.