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Coding Style Guide

Coding Style Guide is a community-driven reference site. To make your code universally readable it collects and provides programming guidelines for lots of programming languages. I try hard to make it simple to use, so you can easily adapt your code to the guideline that is most convenient for you.


The mission of our project is to help and support developers by creating an outright platform to find guidelines such as rules, techniques, standards, conventions and styles. For every matter with writing readable code, we want to provide a quick and applicable solution.

We strongly believe that writing and reading code should be simple for every developer. However, only if all of us apply similar guidelines and techniques. Nowadays, there are lots of polyglots programming for too many different platforms. This makes it almost impossible to constantly remember the conventions for every single language. That[HTML_REMOVED]s why we want to establish a quick and simple reference tool, enabling you to find the perfect guideline as quick as possible.

To fill this project with life and make it sustainable is not an easy task. This can only be accomplished if the community collaborates with sharing knowledge and experience. Being critical by voting what[HTML_REMOVED]s hot and what[HTML_REMOVED]s not will help us to filter the most convenient entries.

The result will be a tool for everyone who wants to improve their own coding styles. So feel free to stop by anytime, find everything you need for your code, post what you found most practicable in your coding life.