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screenshot of Collateral Consequences Of Criminal Charges Calculator

Collateral Consequences Of Criminal Charges Calculator

When you are convicted, or even arrested on criminal charges, the Penal Code specifies punishments in the form of prison sentences and fines. However, other things may happen to you in other areas of your life: felony convictions prevent you from voting, many convictions make you ineligible for public housing, your immigration status may be affected resulting in deportation, etc. These [HTML_REMOVED]Collateral Consequences[HTML_REMOVED] are numerous, extremely complicated and generally outside the expertise of criminal defense lawyers, prosecutors, and judges handling the criminal cases. The result is that defendants may end up plea bargaining to charges with lesser criminal penalties, but devastating consequences in other areas of their lives. Begun by Chief Judge of New York State Judith S. Kaye and continued by Columbia Law School[HTML_REMOVED]s Lawyering in the Digital Age Clinic and the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and learning, The 4 C[HTML_REMOVED]s program and this calculator aims to put the collateral consequences in housing and immigration (with more areas to come) at the fingertips of criminal lawyers and judges. (New York state only so far)