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screenshot of Befter: the before and after show

Befter: the before and after show

A Social Network for sharing Before and After images.

Who you were yesterday, it[HTML_REMOVED]s not who you are right now. Afraid of the dark when you were a child, but now you like it when the lights go low? Not so good at maths, and suddenly became an astro-physician? Married a healthy surfer and now live with a lazy dude? The neighborhood you grew up in is not the same, for sure. Changes are part of our lives and part of everything!

That[HTML_REMOVED]s why Befter is here, so we can look at the differences between past and present, between what was then and what is now! This is the right place to have fun and to think about what[HTML_REMOVED]s gone for good. On Befter, we believe that we can[HTML_REMOVED]t go on without looking back. Here, we[HTML_REMOVED]ve got only one conviction: everything changes.

  • Find friends
  • Upload your own pictures
  • Watch the changes of that celebrity[HTML_REMOVED]s look.
  • Share images with your contacts in other social networks
  • Show works by yourself
  • Create your own goals