AVK (Alex V. Koval) personal blog

This is one of my first Django powered sites. It is my personal blog & picture gallery. I've made 90% of code in first 3 days, and was shocked how fast things can be done with Django.

1. Blog application. It uses standard django contrib comments, and does not use django tagging - I believe that way its easier to use. I have also incorporated (optional) Akismet spam filtering.
2. AVKGallery - that is very simple gallery. The main advantage is that my computer is the place where I store all my high quality photos, and I really don't like to store photos in 2 separate places. So this gallery only indexes existing storage, it does not copy anything (DRY principle).
3. PersonalWebSite - an application which ties Blog + Gallery + templates togehter. An example of a ready to use blog.

Language: Russian
Tags:gallery, english, Personal, site, russian, blog, tagging

Visit this website at http://alex.koval.kharkov.ua

Source code is available for this site at http://alex.koval.kharkov.ua/blog/code-site/

Created by alex_avk on 19th Feb 2008